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Snow Sledding Adventures

Harrison Pass

snowsleddingFor a little further challenge away from other popular snow play areas, take the drive out to Harrison Pass. A variety of slopes provide many areas to sled and play.
Distance from Elko: 42 miles (67.6 km)
Services: None available; limited services in Jiggs (5 miles / 8 km)
Map: #3 on map

SnoBowl Ski Area

Along with alpine skiing, the SnoBowl offers groomed slopes perfect for sledding and playing. The close location makes it ideal for a quick recreation visit. Open Saturday &
Sunday from 9am to 3pm throughout winter season. Please call the SnoBowl HotLine
at (775) 777-7707 to see if SnoBowl is open or not due to snow conditions.
Distance from Elko: 5 miles (8 km)
Services: Snack bar, ski and snowboard rentals
Map: #4 on map

Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway

This gorgeous alpine canyon is popular with year round recreation enthusiasts. The paved road offers easy access to the snowline.
Distance from Elko: 25 miles (40.3 km)
Services: None available; limited services in Lamoille (13 miles / 21 km)
Map: #5 on map