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Winter Recreation

  • winterrecpicWinter months in the Elko area are usually blanketed with snow. Whether your idea of adventure revolves around the hush of falling snowflakes in a pristine alpine meadow or racing through powder with adrenaline-pumping speed. Northern Nevada can fulfill your longings. 

    With the challenge of winter recreation come new risks to visitors unfamiliar to our terrain. To ensure safe adventures, please consider the following precautions: 

  • Avalanches frequently occur throughout our mountain ranges where steep ridges may cause unstable snow pack conditions. Winter adventurists should be knowledgeable about avoiding likely avalanche areas. 

  • When driving, carry snow equipment such as chains, shovels and sand. 

  • Hypothermia can kill those who are unprepared for sudden cold temperatures, snowfall, icy rain and chilly winds. Sudden weather changes are common, so be prepared. 

  • It is always wise to check road conditions before starting a drive. For up-to-date information, contact the Nevada Department of Transportation at (775) 777-2700 (office) or 877-NV-ROADS (toll free road conditions info) or the website at www.nevadadot.com