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Wildlife Viewing Adventures

Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge

wildlifeviewingtipsThis 37,632 acre refuge offers a full day of wildlife viewing. A fresh water bullrush marsh, open ponds, and grassy uplands are home to an amazing variety of birds, fish, and animals.

Distance from Elko: 65 miles (104.7 km)
Services Along Route: None available
Map: #1 on map

Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway

Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway runs 12 miles/22.3 km through this U-shaped, sheer-walled canyon that is home to Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, mountain goats, mule deer, Himalayan snowcock, and a variety of peak-dwelling birds.

Distance from Elko: 25 miles (40.3 km)
Services Along Route: Limited services available in Lamoille (13 miles)
Map: #2 on map

Angel Lake Scenic Byway

A gorgeous little lake high in the East Humboldt Range. Angel Lake is the only alpine lake accessible by paved road in the area. Seasonally a visitor can view bighorn sheep, deer, mountain goats, and many types of alpine birds.

Distance from Elko: 62 miles (103.5 km)
Services Along Route: All services available in Wells (12 miles / 21 km)
Map: #3 on map