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Scenic Driving Adventures - Half-Day Driving Tours

Lamoille, Scenic Byway and Fort Halleck


halfdaydriveHead for the Ruby Mountains by following State Route 227 eighteen miles south of Elko. Go through Spring Creek then turn right on Canyon Drive just before you reach Lamoille for a 12 mile drive curving its way upward through glacier-formed Lamoille Canyon. A four-stop, self-guided auto tour with interpretive geology exhibits leads past meadows bursting with wildflowers, wildlife, waterfalls, and avalanche chutes. After exploring the canyon, return down Canyon Drive into Lamoille, with its private family ranches, country lanes, and a historic church, then take a well-graded winding dirt road off State 227 through 17 miles of private ranch country to the Fort Halleck memorial marker then intersect with State Route 229. Built in 1867 the military post was a social center where many dances were held but only cottonwoods remain. After reaching paved State Route 229 turn left and head northeast until you reach I-80 at Halleck Exit 321. Then go west to Elko, or turn east for Wells.

Total Driving Distance: 70 miles (112.7 km)
Road Conditions: Paved/dirt road
Services Along Route: Limited services available in Lamoille
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Drive north on State Route 225 to State Route 226. Drive west on 226 about 19 miles/30.6km. Turn at the Tuscarora sign onto Country Road 723 - a graded dirt road. Five miles/8 km along this road is the town of Tuscarora. Here you may visit the world-renowned Parks Family pottery school and enjoy a personal tour. Several historical buildings are in the process of restoration, including the Tuscarora cemetery just outside of town where gravesites of early mining settlers and old ranch families can be seen. The solitude and quiet in this tiny town will minister to your hurried soul

Total Driving Distance: 108 miles (174 km)
Road Conditions: Paved/dirt road
Services Along Route: Limited services available along State Route 226
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