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Hiking Adventures

hikingRuby Crest National Recreation Trail (South Trailhead)

Situated along the spine of the Ruby Mountains, this well maintained trail has many hikes to choose from ranging from 30 miles (62.8 km) in length. Elevation rises 2,400 feet with abundant wildlife and spectacular alpine scenery including glacial valleys, lakes, and streams. 
Distance from Elko: 42 miles (67.2 km)
Skill Level: All
Services: None available
Map: #1 on map



Roads End - Lamoille Canyon

Popular trailhead located at the end of the paved highway through Lamoille Canyon. This unique granite canyon formed by slow-moving glaciers offers a wide variety of trail hiking opportunities. Hike to several beauutiful mountain lakes including Lamoille, Island, Dollar, Liberty, Favre and Castle.
Distance from Elko: 25 miles (40.3 km)
Skill Level: All
Services: Limited services available in Lamoille (13 miles / 21.7km)
Map: #2 on map



Winchell Lake

Well marked trail located on Angel Lake Road is 4 miles (6.54 km) long, contouring the East Humboldt Mountains with a 700-feet change in elevation. Early in the season the trail is enhanced by ample displays of wildflowers in bloom.
Distance from Elko: 68 miles (109.5 km)
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Services: All services available in Wells (16 miles / 26.7 km)
Map: #3 on map



Soldier Basin

Trail accesses a beatiful high elevation basin with several lakes and spectacular scenery. Trout fishing is available at Soldier Lake, Robison Lake, hidden lakes and streams along the route. This trail can be accessed from two sides of the Ruby Mountains.
Distance from Elko: 36 miles (58 km)
Skill Level: Intermediate
Services: Limited services available in Lamoille (10 miles / 16.7 km)
Map: #4 on map



Overland Lake

The trail climbs from Ruby Valley 2,700 feet to Overland lake, along a well marked trail through Aspen groves and meadows with wide open views of Ruby Valley below. there is no water along the 6.5 mile (10.5 km) route until you reach Overland Lake. Fishing and wildlife viewing is available at the lake. A historic cabin is located near the shore, but please leave it as you find it.
Distance from Elko: 60 miles (97 km)
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Services: Limited services available in Ruby Valley
Map: #5 on map