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What You Need To Know

leavenotraceNortheastern Nevada is abounding with recreation opportunities for all levels of adventurers. To preserve your safety as well as protect our natural resources, we recommend that you are aware of safety procedures and regulations. Common sense is essential when preparing to travel to those remote areas.


  • Obtain travel information from a Forest Service, Bureau of Land managment office, or other public land agencies. Learn the rules and follow them. 

  • Avoid running over young trees, shurbs, and grasses -- damaging or killing them. 

  • Stay off soft, wet roads and trails readily torn up by vehicles (particularly during hunting seasons). Repairing the damage is expensive. 

  • Travel around meadows, steep hillsides, or streambeds and lakeshores easily scarred by turning wheels. 

  • Resist the urge to pioneer a new road or trail or to cut accross a switchback. 

  • Stay away from animals that are rearing young -- or suffering from food shortage. Stress can sap essential, scarce energy reserves. 

  • Obey gate closures and regulatory signs. Vandalism costs all of us. 

  • Travel in established wilderness areas is restricted to designated roads. Know where the boundaries are. 

  • Get perrmission to travel across private land. Respect landowners rights. 

  • Be careful with fires. Find a safe, clear spot to light your fire and make sure the ashes are cold to your touch before you move on. 

  • Wear bright colors during hunting season. 

  • Cultural Resources - Collection or removal of any historic and prehistoric relics is prohibited by law. 

  • Water in some streams, springs, and ponds may not be suitable for drinking. To be safe, boil drinking water or bring water from home. 

  • Bury human waste far from water. Pack out unburnable refuse. Practice "No Trace" camping. 

  • Be sure to purchase fishing licenses from a variety of local outlets. 

  • If you use the services of a commercial outfitter guide, ensure they are properly licensed and permitted.

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    Ensuring future opportunities for all outdoor enthusiasts to 

    enjoy our backcountry is in your hands, so tread lightly!