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California Trail Interpretive Center

Trails Center



   Learn the stories of the pioneers who endured the 2,000 mile trek to California; some seeking land, some gold, others seeking adventure and some for reasons we may never know.

   Experience life size dioramas, original murals, exhibits on the native peoples, and multimedia productions depicting the trek of these early pioneers.Murals Hike accessible trails, walk through a wagon encampment, and see a Shoshone village. Hear the words of the pioneers and learn of the successes of the Bidwell-Bartleson party and the events that led to the Donner Party disaster. ElephantCome see the Elephant at the California Trail Interpretive Canter "Where History Comes Alive".

    The California Trail Interpretive Center is located at the junction of the infamous Hastings Cutoff and the California Trail eight miles west of Elko on I-80 at Hunter Exit 292.


For more information on the California Trail Interpretive Center visit: www.californiatrailcenter.org or call (775) 738-1849.


Click here to view California Trail Interpretive Video