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minersA trip to Tuscarora provides visitors with a nostalgic journey back in time. During its peak mining period in 1878, there were 30,000 people living in Tuscarora. Today there are a handfull of residents in this almost ghost town, including renowned potter Dennis Parks, who operates the famous Tuscarora Pottery School. 

The building that houses Parks' shop is characteristic of the jumbled history of a Nevada boomtown mining camp. Built as the Gold Hill Hotel in 1859, the structure was moved to Cornucopia in 1860 where it was Mrs. Morton's Boarding House, and then back to Tuscarora where it was Mrs. Sweifel's Boarding House, the Woods family residence, the Post Office, telephone switchboard station and the Justice Court building. The Parks bought the house in 1972. A sign that reads, "No Beds Secured Until Paid For" is still hanging in the house. 

Points of interest include the cemetery, historic buildings, a small museum, and the pottery school and gallery which attracts students from around the world. 

You can reach Tuscarora by following Mountain City Highway (State Road 225) north to the Tuscarora Highway (Hwy. 226) intersection marking the turnoff onto a gravel road that leads to Tuscarora.