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ECVA Board & Staff

ECVA Board of Directors:

• Gary Morfin, Chair
• Charlie Myers, Vice-Chair
• Barry Bhakta 
• John Rice
• Matt McCarty

ECVA Staff:

  • Kandiss Fallowfield, Events Coordinator
  • Amber Merz, Administrative Assistant





 ECVA Facility Team:

• Steve Wehde, Facility Manager
• Ralph Jacobo
• Mike Helms
• Williams Eaves

• Antino Foelko

Regular Schedule of Public Meetings* 

ECVA Board Of Directors
4th Tuesday of every month - 8:30 a.m.
Elko Convention Center

Marketing Committee
2nd Wednesday of every other month - 8a.m.
Elko Convention Center

Lodging Committee
4th Wednesday of every other month - 6p.m.
Pre-determined Lodging Facility

*Meeting Schedule subject to change